Popcorn for Good Health

Can you visualize a movie interval or cricket match without popcorn? When weather gets cool and you use time watching movie or match on TV, then a tasty and yummy urn of popcorn makes your entertainment double. You love to eat popcorn and it is a most wanted snack of many, but do you think is it healthy? Many people think that popcorn is not a healthy treat but the fact is popcorn ready without lots of butter and salt may not be so unhealthy at all.

Popcorn is a healthy whole grain and a most excellent source of fiber. Popcorn is a very nutritious choice so extended as you go natural. According to a study, people who eat popcorn consume 200% additional whole grains and 20% more fiber than those who do not eat popcorn. Popcorn can help to prevent cancer as examine suggests. Popcorn is high-quality healthy food which contains health-boosting antioxidants called polyphenols. It helps to decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Hot, Fresh, Delicious popcorn is a healthy snack and better for your health.

Health benefits of popcorn:

• High in antioxidants
• Contains polyphenols that defend against cell damage
• Popcorn is whole grain like to oatmeal and brown rice
• Popcorn is also a good basis of fiber
• Popcorn without butter is little in calories
• The endosperm located in the center of popcorn contains nutritional carbohydrates, elevated energy proteins and healthy vitamins.

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