Papaya - A Powerhouse of Nutrients!


The papaya is an wonderfully rich source of the proteolytic enzymes. These are the chemicals that allow the digestion of protein. Papain, which is the mainly important of these enzymes in the papaya, is extracted and dried as a powder for use to aid the digestion, and it be often used as a meat tenderizer, the enzyme somewhat breaking down the meat fibers digesting them in fact.

Papaya is regularly eaten raw, minus its skin and seeds, but the seeds are edible and have a spicy, sharp taste. Grinded seeds of papaya preserve be used as a black pepper substitute. Papaya seeds have antimicrobial properties, so ingesting them can avoid and eliminate intestinal worms. Unripe papaya can be obsessive cooked or raw, and is often used in salads or added to stews and curry dishes.

Papayas are also rich in fiber, therefore it is known to inferior high cholesterol levels. Folic acid establish in papayas converts a substance called homocysteine into benign amino acids. When it remains unconverted, homocysteine can directly injure blood vessel walls and when level get too high, can reason a stroke or even a heart attack.
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Eye Care Tips In Summer

Eye Care

As you slather on sunscreen to defend your skin this summer, don’t forget sunglasses to protect your eyes. The same harmful rays that damage skin can also enlarge your risk of developing eye problems. SUMMER is a great time to plan a vacation and particular outdoor activities. Before you begin preparation how you and the family will spend the sunny days ahead, here is a few information that will help you safeguard your eyes and maintain healthy sight not just this summer but for a lifetime.

Eye Care Tips:- 

• Restful sleep for six to eight hours helps rejuvenate your eyes in a normal way.
• Wear dark glasses if you require being out in the sun.
• When selecting dark glasses, create sure they are 100 per cent UV protected.
• When sitting in an AC room, create sure the blast is not directed straight into your eyes this leads to drying and sensitivity of the eyes.
• You must also keep your body while protecting your eyes always use a sun block with at least SPF 15.
• Make sure that you wear sunglasses while driving also since the sun rays can penetrate even through the windows of the car. Wearing substandard sunglasses will make the pupils dilate, allowing extra harmful UV rays to enter the eye and cause damage.
• While driving motorcycle, forever wear protective eyeglasses. If you wear a helmet, decide one which allows you to see and also shields your eyes.
Last but not the least do not forget to supplement your diet through green vegetables, carrots, nuts, red and yellow fruits. These are natural basis of vitamin A and caretenoids, which are any day better then taking multivitamin pills.
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Heat Pads Easy Treatment for Back Pain

The mainly common causes episodes of back pain are overwork and create different types of loads, the tension in the muscles and soft tissues in the shoulder blades and approximately the lumbar spine. This muscle tension and spam blocking correct circulation and sends pain signals to the brain. As a result, is feeling a slight hurt or severe discomfort in the upper or lower back. Heating pad to help muscles and tensions associated mails back. 

The blood vessels in the muscles about the lumbar spine by applying heat, which increases the oxygen and nutrients to help your muscles heal quickly expanded tissue. The application of heat as well stimulates the sensory receptors of the skin, for the transmission of pain signals. As a result, the transmission of pain signals is reduced, which alleviates the discomfort occasionally caused by pain. The heat as well decreases the stiffness of the fabric is so flexible, allowing the extension of the soft tissues and muscles approximately the spine in the sense of comfort.

Advantages of heating pads
There are some advantages of thermal pads for pain relief. It is very simple to use heat pads. You need no extraordinary training or therapeutic medical supervision to implement it. The only thing you should worry is to remain the right temperature. It should not be so hot that patient complaints of burning, the temperature should be such that there is enough heat that can penetrate the muscles to reach the soft parts. Moderate heating can be functional for 15 to 20 minutes with mild back pain, whereas for severe pain, it can be functional for 30 minutes to several hours.

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Dental Care Tips

Dental Care

Dentists say that the mainly important part of tooth care happens at home. Brushing and flossing properly, beside with regular dental checkups, can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The mainly common culprit of toothache is tooth decay which is caused by bacteria that grows in your mouth from the food particles stuck in between the teeth.Plaque is establish in spaces between your teeth. Gingivitis causes gum bleeding and if left untreated, it can lead to the additional serious form of gum disease, periodontitis.

Use a soft bristled brush, if possible one with rounded, synthetic bristles. Look for the American Dental Association seal of support Replace your toothbrush approximately each two to three months or as soon as the bristles are worn or bent. A worn-out toothbrush does not clean your teeth properly, and can actually injure your gums. You should also replace your toothbrush after you’ve had a cold. Lemons are usually mentioned as one of the best foods for your teeth, and this is true in a number of different ways. To begin with, lemons are as expected good for your breath (in fact, chewing on lemon peels is extremely beneficial for your breath as well). Additionally, citrus fruits are said to fresh the teeth naturally.

Snacking among meals makes the teeth prone to tooth decay. The bacterial action is most at acidic Ph. The Ph is mainly acidic immediately after meals and gradually reduces and comes to a normal level. Eating in between meals does not allow the acidic level to come down rising bacterial action leading to caries.Do not use objects like toothpicks, safety pins or match sticks to pry out things from among your teeth. These can hurt your gums and basis infections.

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Benefits of Tomato Juice for Skin

Tomato Juice

Tomato is indeed a super food with numerous health benefits. It is proven that incorporating tomato in the regular diet helps prevent the growth of a few cancer types. One of the mainly talked about benefits of juicing tomato is its magic ingredient lycopene. It is a influential antioxidant and it’s most fitting name would be “the Cancer Destroyer”. Tomato juice can develop overall health. It is affluent in disease-protective antioxidants and minerals.

Benefits of tomato juice:-

Cure acne with tomato pulp
Mash a fresh tomato and apply the pulp generously to your face. Leave on skin for an hour or additional then rinse and moisturize. Do this every day for some days and your acne will disappear.

Skin Lightning
Mix oatmeal with curd and tomato juice and be appropriate on the face. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then clean it off with cold water. It helps eliminate the tan and lightens the skin.

Use tomato as an astringent
To eliminate excess oil from your skin, crush a fresh tomato and strain, then set the juice aside. Next, clutch a cucumber into the tomato juice. Apply to skin with a cotton ball every day to keep oil and acne under control.

Rich in Vitamin
Tomatoes carry a large amount of Vitamin A which makes them give to good eye health. They can also help with night blindness.

Open Pores
Apply a combination of grated tomato with 2-3 drops of lime juice on the face. Leave it for 20 minutes earlier than washing off. Do this twice a day for 15-20 days for most excellent results.

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Dry Fruits for Health

Dry Fruits

Every person should take concern of his health. To attain good health it is necessary to follow the rules of good nutrition, normal exercise. In Ayurveda, it is believed that all living beings are a composite of the five essential elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. In order to keep life going, it is important to replenish these elements during natural foods which are the sources of these elements. To achieve this we must have foods which are naturally accessible just as nuts, fruits, vegetables, cereals etc.

Dry fruits are careful rich source of nutrients and regarded as delicacies. Some fruits that come under dry fruits category are: Cashews, Walnuts, Almonds, Raisins, Pistachio, Date, Peanuts, Macadamia nuts, Hazelnut etc.Dry fruits are excellent basis of minerals and contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients. They are easy to digest and help care us healthy. Related to fresh fruits dry fruits have strong medicinal properties.

Various people suffer from a bit of constipation and this is directly related to their diet. People tend to miss out on intense fiber rich foods that provide the essential roughage, which, in turn, prevents constipation. Opt for eating dried fruits as they are rich in fiber, help in digestion and in common lead to a healthy colon.Dry Fruits also have several positive health benefits to pregnant women as well as to the child. Dry Fruits will take good care of the baby’s dietary necessities as well as its growth and development. Normal intake of the dry fruits results in both mental and physical development of human body. Make a habit of have few dry fruits everyday.
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Summer Special Beauty Tips

Summer is an occasion to relax and rejuvenate. At the same time, summer sun can be awfully harsh on your soft skin and deep fry your natural looks. Summer is brutal for your face, which remains exposed almost all times. So you need to take exacting care of your skin in summers.

Summer like winter, requires its own particular beauty tricks. After all, it is in summer that your eye shadow becomes a greasy pool in your eyelid creases, your hair falls flat or frizzes to a crisp and your hair color looks like mud alongside your tan. But have no fear there are fixes to your summer attractiveness problems. To keep you looking best, now are beauty tips for the hot season.

Effects of Summer:- 

Bright sunny summer days and warm winds reason huge damage to the skin. In this season we also have to face the stickiness of sweat. In the summer due to additional sweat problems like prickly heat, itching, disease in arms and thighs occurs. Going away in the sun causes sunburn and pigmentation on the skin.    

Beauty Tips for Summer: -

Bath at least two times a day with cold water.

Wear fresh and washed cotton cloths.

Washing your face 3-4 times a day will pacify you.

Take fruit juice of cucumber, orange or sweet lime and put it in the ice tray in the refrigerator allows it to freeze.

Applying the cubes on the face will keep your skin clean and shinny.

Do not use scrubs every day it makes your skin dry. Homemade face packs with tomato and lemon take out surplus oil and black heads. If your skin is carrying skin complaint or rashes then do not use lemon.

Avoid bleaching your skin in summer; bleach can make your skin dark.

Use sunscreen or sun block cream, lotion before leaving out in the sun.

If you go for a walk, then first cool down and then display cold water.

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Watermelon for Skin


Watermelon is one of the desired fruits for many people. The thirst quencher is consumed in a lot of forms including fresh juices, smoothies and even pickles. Rich in fat and high in protein, watermelon is as well a favorite snack above all, watermelon is a skin care food.

• Watermelon is very helpful for removing blemishes on the skin. Watermelon is rich in A, B and C vitamins so as to keeps the skin fresh radiant and hydrated.

• The acids in the watermelon proceed as exfoliates.

• Watermelon seed oil is also beneficial intended for your body. The presence of omega 6 and omega 9 essential fatty acids helps the skin enormously.

• Watermelon oil has a very good absorption level which eagerly penetrates the skin and dissolves the sebum buildup.

• Watermelon, specially the yellow-orange varieties, is loaded with a key compound citruline, an amino acid credited with helping skin’s healing and regenerative processes.

• Watermelon contains lycopene which is a carotenoid and pigment so as to gives fruits and vegetables their red color.

• This red melon is a low calorie food, it is as well high in vitamin C.

• Watermelon is 92 percent water, which makes it a cooling food through the dog days of summer.

• It proves to be a good for skin care, owing to its moisturizing properties the non-greasy oil helps to smooth your skin by refurbishing the elasticity of the skin.
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Dance and Health

Dance and Health

Dancing affect your health, as well as positive health benefits and possible dance injuries. Regardless of gender, creation or income group, more and more people are going to the dance floor for a workout versus a gym and an exercise.

Health benefits of Dancing:-

Stress Buster: - It is a great pressure buster. It is an interesting activity so as to deviates you from the drudgery of everyday life. It is an efficient remedy for depression, anxiety and tension. Thus, it is supportive for the rejuvenation of the mind.

Improved attitude and muscle toning:- Most people relate strength training with the gym, with lifting weights, but a lot of people forget that your own body can act as its own weight for your muscles. Strength, after all, is distinct as your muscles ability exerts a force against resistance, and gravity provides all the conflict you need.

Build coordination and get smarter:- Dance works the right and left hemispheres of the brain together, it builds neuropath ways that can raise memory and learning ability

Strength:- Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles to resist beside a dancer’s own body weight. Many styles of dance, including jazz and ballet, need jumping and leaping high into the air.

Forever Young. Dancing is extremely beneficial in keeping us young. It retards the aging method immensley. It benefits our heart, cardiovascular system and raises our lung capacity.

Calorie Blaster. Dance helps us burn calories away, while humanizing our stamina. It is estimated that dance burns anyplace from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity.

You will get lean :- Not only does dancing improve attitude flexibility and help manage weight, but it’s also a proven stress and tension reducer for the mind and body.

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Brain Injury: A Major Risk for Stroke

A traumatic brain injury happens when an exterior force, such as a blow or jolt to the head, disrupts the normal function of the brain. Some general causes of a traumatic brain injury include falls, car accidents and violence. About 1 in 53 Americans suffers a traumatic brain injury every year.

"It’s reasonable to assume that cerebrovascular damage in the head caused by a traumatic brain injury can trigger also a hemorrhagic stroke [when a blood vessel bursts inside the brain] or an ischemic stroke [when an artery in the brain is blocked]," Herng-Ching Lin, Ph.D., senior study author and professor at the School of Health Care Administration, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University in Taiwan, was quoted as saying. "However, until now, no researches have been done showing a correlation involving traumatic brain injury and stroke."

Investigators studied the risk of stroke in traumatic brain injury patients through a five-year period. During the first three months after the injury occurred, 2.91 percent of the traumatic brain injury patients suffered a stroke compared to only 0.30 percent of those devoid of a traumatic brain injury. The researchers say the risk of stroke regularly decreased over time. After one year, the risk was about 4.6-times greater for traumatic brain injury patients, and behind five years, the risk was about 2.3-times greater.
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Summer Fruits For Good Health

Summer Fruits

Summer is upon us and with the warm weather comes a abundance of delightful fruits and vegetables that not only taste great but are outstanding health boosters as well try out juices of grapes, watermelon, banana, jack fruit, lemon and pineapple during summer. Consumption of fruits and juices reduces body heat and reimbursement in controlling body temperature. Fruits are packed with influential antioxidants that can lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes-related damage and still slow down the body’s natural aging process. The Many Health reimbursement of Our Favorite Summer Fruits.

Summer Fruits for Good Health
Watermelons are a important source lycopene, a carotenoid only obtainable through diet, known to help prevent and treat numerous types of cancer, as well as prostate cancer. A watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 92% water by weight creation it a perfect snack for any outdoor summer activity due to its normal hydration. Watermelons are rich in electrolytes, sodium and potassium which are lost during perspiration.

Mangoes, though difficult to peel (see picture for easy slicing method), contain additional beta-carotene than any other fruit, which helps to prevent cell damage foremost to heart disease and stroke. These multi colored fruits also enclose high levels of fiber which help to control appetite and aid in metabolism. One cup of sliced mangoes supplies 25 percent of the desirable daily value of vitamin A, important for the promotion of good eyesight.

One cup of raspberries has 64 calories and is a great basis of fiber a few of it soluble in the form of pectin, which helps lower cholesterol and an excellent source of vitamin C. The gorgeous red color is beginning anthocyanins, an antioxidant. Choose juicy-looking, intensely colored raspberries, as raspberries do not continue to ripen once picked
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Delhi Docs Implant Heart Valve Without Opening Up the Chest

Heart Valve

Doctors in a Delhi hospital enclose performed a rare surgery on three patients over 70 years of age, implanting a heart valve without cutting open their chest. Surgeons at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute conducted the operation known as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) on three elderly patients who had severe blockage of the main blood vessel of the heart.

The process provides hopes for thousands of people for whom cutting open the chest for replacing a valve implant may prove fatal. The technique involves making a little incision through which doctors transport a synthetic valve to the heart.

Dr Ashok Seth, who led the surgery, said that the patients’ families had to search for permission from the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) for the treatment as they were very frail. “They were at risk as conventional surgery would have concerned opening up the chest and heart and putting patients on cardio-pulmonary bypass. Two of them had previous undergone bypass surgeries and were frail while a woman also had extreme calcification of aortas making her unfit for surgery”.
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Benefits of Grapes


Grapes fruit are easily obtainable in India. Grapes are rich cause of vitamins C and glucose, it increases the blood in body and removes weakness. That why doctors counsel grapes fruit to patients. Grapes include flavonoids that are very powerful antioxidants, which can decrease the damage caused by free radicals.

Nutrition Values of Grapes: Per 100 gm.

• Water : 85.5 grams
• Carbohydrates : 10.2 grams
• Protein : 0.8 grams
• Fat : 0.1 grams
• Calcium : 0.03 g
• Phosphorus : 0.02 g
• Iron : 0.4 mg
• Vitamin – B : 50 mg
• Vitamins – C : 10 mg
• Vitamin – A : 15 units
• Tartaric acid : from 0.41 to 0.72 grams

Benefits of Grapes:

• Grapes assist to flush out toxins from the body. This is a good blood purifier and take away blood disorders problem. 

• Grapes are an efficient remedy for cure of asthma, due to it’s eminent therapeutic value. 

• Grapes as a laxative food and enclose organic acid, sugar and cellulose which helps in overcoming constipation.

• Grapes raise the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which prevents blood clots thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks

• Prepare grapes juice without sugar and intake in morning, it is efficient home remedy for curing migraine.

• Grapes are useful in intestine, liver and stomach related diseases also helpful in urine problem, worm disease, tuberculosis and vomiting of blood.

• Purple colored grape juice helps during preventing breast cancer.

• Grapes are an useful remedy for dyspepsia (Indigestion). They remember heat and cure indigestion and irritation of the stomach.

• Red grapes can keep you from infections due to it’s strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.

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Benefits of Papaya


Papaya is superb for the human body. It is not only a delicious fruit to eat, it as well contains rich health benefits and medicinal value. Excessive quantity of Vitamin “A” present in Papaya. Papaya as well contains natural fiber, carotene, vitamin C and essential minerals.

Chemical elements present in Papaya:

  • 89.6 % Water
  • 9 % Carbolic substance
  • 0.5 % Protein
  • 0.5 % Alkali elements
  • 0.1 % Fat
  • 0.1 % Calcium

Benefits of Papaya:

• Papaya improves absorption and stomach disorder.
• Raw Papaya is good quality for liver disorders and hemorrhoids.
• Papaya contains Pippen which helps in Food absorption It as well cleans the stool and urine.
• Due to wealthy in Vitamin “A” it helpful in Eye diseases.
• Papaya obliging in blood cleaning, Jaundice cure, Irregular menstruation and beauty care.
• Papaya is excellent remedy for skin diseases. If you faces trouble of itching, apply milk of raw papaya. Rub Papaya pulp unswervingly on skin and wash after 20 min, skin will become fair and soft.
• To get rid of worm disease be supposed to drink the juice of raw Papaya.
• Due to various enzymes in Papaya, it keeps from cancer disease, particularly bowel cancer.
• Papaya improves healthiness of teeth.
• Eat papaya on normal basis for strength and health of body.

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