"Beverages are not a Major cause for Obesity"

Children's and youth who consume juice and sweetened beverages, such as fruit punch and lemonade, are not at any higher risk for than their ,who drink healthy beverages, a new study has claimed .


 It says the relationship between beverage intake patterns of Canadian children and their risk for obesity and found sweetened beverage intake to be a risk factor only in boys aged upto 6 and 11,
no consistent association between beverage intake patterns overweight and obesity." said lead author Susan J. Whiting.

He stated that,food and beverage habits are formed early in life and are often carried over into adulthood, over intake of sweetened beverages may put some children at increased risk for overweight and obesity. Boys aged 6-11 years who consumed mostly soft drinks were shown to be at increased risk for overweight and obesity as compared with those who drank a more moderate beverage.

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Tips for How to avoid the common cold

Tips: If you run out of tissues at that urgent moment, then it is advisable to sneeze into your shirt or into your elbow and the same goes for coughing; avoid coughing into your hands to spread infection.
  • Social etiquette
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Food to build your immunity
  • Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face
  • Stress free equals germ free
  • Quit smoking and drink only in moderation
  • Anti-virus for the common cold
They are use tissues and disinfect your home regularly if one of the family members has the common cold to it would be wise to use separate towels in the washroom if you are sick of a use disposable paper to wipe your hands and clear your nose in maintain a healthy eating plan to stay virus free.
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