Stomach Cancer can be controlled by reducing salt intake in foods

High-salted food may lead to stomach cancer,revealed by WCRF(World Cancer Research Fund).The research suggest that taking too much of salt in food is very bad for health and it can lead the way to heart disease & strokes and also it causes Stomach Cancer.The study found that for a human per day a level teaspoon that is 6gm is enough for daily limit, but people taking 8.6gm.In U.K 15% people are sticked with Stomach Cancer disease and making it as most common 7th disease that make death.

After a long research about stomach cancer the WCRF claimed that 14% of cases of stomach cancer should be avoided through reducing our salt intake.Stomach Cancer is difficult to treat successfully because most cases are not caught until the disease is well established.To prevent the disease occurring in the first place such as slashing down on salt intake and eating more fruits & vegetables.
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Ban Fast-food Advertising in Public Places

The health officials in auckland are worried about an obesity epidemic want fast-food advertising dropped from public property, including bus shelters, and are questioning fast-food and soft-drinks sponsorship of public events,and also they have raised concerns over the lack of political power to stop fast-food restaurants being built near schools and in poor areas.

For the health issues concern, ban was among the last moves of the outgoing Labour Government in 2008. It lasted eight months, then was overturned by the National Government.Obesity in Auckland poses a challenge for health workers. 35% per cent of Year 9 students in the Auckland District Health Board area are classified overweight and another 35% are sticking with obese.

Following the controversy about the health conditions in teens the regional health service is seeking support from the Auckland and Waitemata district health boards. It needs a healthy food environment Policy to focus on the benefits of better nutrition instead of negative effects of obesity.

The term Obesity is a genetically, biologic-ally based state. If it inherit genes that make you a food seeker, and you put that person in an environment where food is being promoted and it's 24/7 and it's cheap and palatable, that person will respond to that stimulus.
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