Benefits of Amla


Amla is a natural source of Vitamin C and have enormous antioxidant properties. Amla helping in curative a number of diseases, it also boosts the immune system. It is the fruit of a deciduous plant and found in a lot of states of India. Its English name is ‘Indian Gooseberry’ and it has been associated with a number of health benefits.

Nutritional Value of Amla

• Calcium
• Vitamin C
• Iron
• Fiber
• Phosphorus
• Protein
• Carbohydrates

Benefits of Amla

• Amla improves nature and follicles of the hair consequently promoting hair growth also prevent the dandruff.
• Amla is very helpful in skin diseases, it improves glow of skin.
• It is normal remedy for acidity, gastric troubles, constipation and indigestion.
• It supports power of heart and lungs.
• Amla is cooperative in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar level.
• Amla increases the fertility, attentiveness and memory.
• It is very helpful in eye diseases. It cures diseases like burning reddening, and watering of eyes.
• It reduces health weakness and makes our body’s protected system strong.
• Amla increases red blood cell formation thus improves strength of teeth and nails.
• Amla reduces the body heat and power

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5 Ways to Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

We all recognize how stress from time to time. When stress gets too much, it unpleasant effects on our health. That’s why useful stress free techniques are significant. Here are a few practical methods for stress relieve.

Eat Healthy Meal: A good diet can help you preserve lot of energy and positive attitude. Eat healthy food for all time and don’t skip meals.

Be Happy: Laugh loudly, see comedy film or program. If you don’t have intellect of humor, find someone else who has laugh improves your immune system.

Breathing Exercise: It boosts power level and gives lot of positive energy. Take breaths extremely and slowly.

Music: It gives a wonderful result in stress situation. As per your option listen music. According to the British Cardiovascular Society “quiet music can relieve stress, since it can lower the heart level, blood pressure and respiratory rate”.

Walk / Games: Walk at least 10-15 min you feel fresh or play any game as you like, following few min you will become stress free.

Causes of Stress:

  • Workplace Stress
  • Frustration
  • Less social support
  • Money Problems
  • Personal Relationships

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How to Care in Pregnancy

Good nutrition is a different crucial step in having a healthy baby. A pregnancy takes about 300 extra calories a day to preserve and an average-sized woman can expect to gain between 25 and 35 pounds overall. Those extra calories must be nutritious ones. A pregnant woman needs a balanced diet entire with protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with a minimum of sugar and fatty foods. Good nutrition is really important even before a pregnancy.

Talk to your health care provider about how greatly weight you should gain during your pregnancy. Talk to your health care provider earlier than taking any supplements.Eat foods rich in foliate, iron, calcium, and protein, or get these nutrients during a prenatal supplement. Eat breakfast every day.

Eat high fiber foods and drink plenty of water to keep away from constipation. Avoid alcohol, raw fish, and fish high in mercury, soft cheeses, and something that is not food. If you don’t drink enough fluids, your nausea can get worse. Keep a water bottle at your desk or in your work area and sip during the day.

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Perfumes Can Be Dangerous


Feeling of elegance comes beginning perfumes. Perfumes and fragrances are used to scent wide selection of body and bath products such as cologne, deodorant, after shave lotions, hair care products etc. But do you know so as to these wonderful perfumes can be dangerous for you? Here are a few side effects and problems caused due to perfumes.

Skin problems are common due to side effects of perfume. It can cause allergies and rashes. In a few cases de-pigmentation of skin can also be caused.

• Perfumes are as well known to cause headache, dizziness, nausea, sneezing and mood swings.
• Sinus, watery eyes, sore throat, anxiety and inability to think are few other side effects caused by perfumes.
• In a few cases fragrance chemicals can cause lung disease. In asthmatics perfumes can trigger attacks.
• Perfumes are as well known to affect the brain as there is close connection between memory and scent.
• Fragrance chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and can get introduce into the blood stream. Thus it can affect any part of the body that is receptive to chemicals.
• Fragrance cause chemical modify to occur in brain and this leads to depression in many cases.
• It as well causes chest tightness, hyperactivity (in children), drowsiness and fatigue too.

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Tips For Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Everyone wants sleep. Insufficient sleep means you will likely drag from beginning to end your day with low energy and find yourself unable to accomplish tasks. Severe lack of sleep can lead to dangerous situation such as falling asleep even as driving or operating heavy machinery. The following tips can help you realize sleep and the benefits it provides.

Make Every Minute Count:

The best amount of sleep is between 7 ½ to 8 ½ hrs per night. Teenagers need 9 ½ hours, children need even more sleep. If you awaken without an alarm and if you feel rested upon rising, you are nearly everyone likely getting enough sleep.

Dark and Quite Room:

Transform your bedroom into a safe place of comfort. Create a room that is dark, quiet, and comfortable and cool for the greatest possible sleep. Keep bedroom dark Using even a night light can concern sleep. Use light blocking finished on your windows to block outside light if needed.

Skip the late-afternoon caffeine:

Avoid caffeine and alcohol (e.g., coffee, tea, and soft drinks, chocolate) close up to bedtime. It be capable of remain you awake. Avoid caffeine for eight hours earlier than your planned bedtime.

Do not Go Hungry:

Do not go to bed starving Have a light non-spicy snack keep away from a heavy meal before bed.

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Key to Good Health


Fruits and Vegetables make you appear younger due to Vitamins & Protein contents. They are great anti-oxidant and fight a number of physical diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, chronic stomachache, liver diseases and circumstances such as weight gain, weight reduce, high blood pressure, asthma, stress & many other.

By making small but significant changes in your diet & exercise routine, you can have a major impact on your health to prevent diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

Health Tips for your Good Health:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Drink fat free milk and Natural Juice devoid of added sugar.

Drink a big glass of water when you feel starving and before a meal. Water will decrease the hunger.

Do exercises for at least 30 minutes a day. Walk when going anywhere Climb Stairs, Ride Bicycle.

Drink 15 grams of fresh bathu juice daily particularly on an empty stomach. This is efficient home remedie.

Join a Gym or leisure centre, try a Yoga and lively outings swimming. Make sure you get sufficient sleep.
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Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure

Herbs for hypotension not only hoist blood pressure, but at the same time, it will take care of kidney, liver, and hearts. These organs can affect by long-term of low-pressure. Low blood pressure, also called hypotension, occurs when the force of the blood pushing beside the walls of arteries is lower than it should be.

Common symptoms are

Dizziness or lightheadedness

Home Remedies For Low Blood Pressure

Try to contain salt and salty food in your diet. Salt increases the blood heaviness But try to avoid too much salt as it may give unpleasant effect to the body in other ways. Try to contain salt and salty food in your diet. Salt increases the blood pressure. But try to keep away from too much salt as it may give adverse effect to the body in other ways. Soak about 30 little raisins in a ceramic bowl full of water over the night. In the next morning, masticate them one by one on empty stomach. Drink this water afterwards. This has useful effects on treating low blood pressure. This is one of the most excellent home remedies for low blood pressure.

Increasing water intake can help to hoist blood pressure levels and prevent dehydration, which one of the major causes of low blood pressure. Blood volume is enlarged with additional fluids that can help the blood pump harder.The juice of raw beetroot has been measured as good home remedy for low blood pressure. For this, a person be supposed to take a cup of this juice two times a day. The treatment is to be nonstop for at least for a week.

Eat a leafy salad among lunch and dinner. Contain onions, sea greens, organic beef chunks, carrots, peas and broccoli. This mixture contains extremely important macrobiotic ingredients that will help alkalize your body and balance your hormones and other chemicals, which is necessary for healthy blood pressure.Crush 10-15 holy basil leaves (tulsi) and strain through a clean muslin cloth. Mix with 1 tsp honey have it the initial thing in the morning

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Lemon Good for Skin


Lemon is an effortlessly available citrus fruit. It is use in a lot of dishes as well as in many treatments. Lemon is a normal antiseptic medicine. It is very helpful to cure skin connected problems. Lemon is a vitamin C fruit that augment beauty of skin, Daily intake of lemon water can create your skin shine. It can be eliminate wrinkles and black dots. Lemon water useful on the burns areas can fade.

Lemon contains:

• Vitamin B
• Vitamin C
• Phosphorus
• Carbohydrates

Lemon Skin Care Tips:

• Organize Lemon and Honey juice. Drinking this juice in the morning. It help to cleaning the skin.
• Apply Lemon juice on the countenance to clean & shine.
• Organize mixture of Aloe Vera & Lemon juice and apply on face for glowing the skin.
• You can try to wash your face with Lemon juice each night for skin care.
• Organize mixture of Lemon juice and Olive oil. Apply this juice straight on acne and eczema for dry it.
• For oily skin, organize mixture of Lemon, Egg white and Grapes. Apply this paste and wash with warm water after 25 min. your skin turn into shine.
• Arrange a mixture of 1 teaspoon Lemon juice and Glycerin and apply it on the spots for the removal of blackheads, freckles and wrinkles.

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