Benefits of Barefoot Walking

There was a time when barefoot walking was measured to be immodest and was frowned upon by people. In fact, watching an important person walking without his/her shoes, or at least slippers, on was bound to create a negative notion about him/her in other people’s mind. Running/Walking barefoot can be a contented and refreshing experience that most people enjoy.

By running bare foot you will naturally learn to enlarge your foot and spread your toes which will make the foot become a strong base that sustain all of your movements.You have small muscles in your hips, legs, feet and ankles so as to are not activated with thick running shoes on. When you are bare foot, these muscles are occupied and you will find you have better coordination and improved balance.

Barefoot walking helps to develop better insight of the contact with the ground, which allows us to interact with support more efficiently, place the body weight on the foot additional precisely; have better timing of the contact with the ground. It develops muscle strength, mainly in those groups of muscles of the feet, and connected muscles of the legs and hips, which are out of use when we are in shoes.

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