Perfumes Can Be Dangerous


Feeling of elegance comes beginning perfumes. Perfumes and fragrances are used to scent wide selection of body and bath products such as cologne, deodorant, after shave lotions, hair care products etc. But do you know so as to these wonderful perfumes can be dangerous for you? Here are a few side effects and problems caused due to perfumes.

Skin problems are common due to side effects of perfume. It can cause allergies and rashes. In a few cases de-pigmentation of skin can also be caused.

• Perfumes are as well known to cause headache, dizziness, nausea, sneezing and mood swings.
• Sinus, watery eyes, sore throat, anxiety and inability to think are few other side effects caused by perfumes.
• In a few cases fragrance chemicals can cause lung disease. In asthmatics perfumes can trigger attacks.
• Perfumes are as well known to affect the brain as there is close connection between memory and scent.
• Fragrance chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and can get introduce into the blood stream. Thus it can affect any part of the body that is receptive to chemicals.
• Fragrance cause chemical modify to occur in brain and this leads to depression in many cases.
• It as well causes chest tightness, hyperactivity (in children), drowsiness and fatigue too.

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