Benefits of Papaya


Papaya is superb for the human body. It is not only a delicious fruit to eat, it as well contains rich health benefits and medicinal value. Excessive quantity of Vitamin “A” present in Papaya. Papaya as well contains natural fiber, carotene, vitamin C and essential minerals.

Chemical elements present in Papaya:

  • 89.6 % Water
  • 9 % Carbolic substance
  • 0.5 % Protein
  • 0.5 % Alkali elements
  • 0.1 % Fat
  • 0.1 % Calcium

Benefits of Papaya:

• Papaya improves absorption and stomach disorder.
• Raw Papaya is good quality for liver disorders and hemorrhoids.
• Papaya contains Pippen which helps in Food absorption It as well cleans the stool and urine.
• Due to wealthy in Vitamin “A” it helpful in Eye diseases.
• Papaya obliging in blood cleaning, Jaundice cure, Irregular menstruation and beauty care.
• Papaya is excellent remedy for skin diseases. If you faces trouble of itching, apply milk of raw papaya. Rub Papaya pulp unswervingly on skin and wash after 20 min, skin will become fair and soft.
• To get rid of worm disease be supposed to drink the juice of raw Papaya.
• Due to various enzymes in Papaya, it keeps from cancer disease, particularly bowel cancer.
• Papaya improves healthiness of teeth.
• Eat papaya on normal basis for strength and health of body.

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