Stress Management Tips

Stress Management

Stress is most general disease of present lifestyle. People require to deal with pressure/stress at both workplace and home. Stress is the method our body and mind react to life changes. Stress is not forever bad but sometimes it is good also. A few amount of stress is necessary to excel in life. This is called fine stress or EUSTRESS. When stress is too a large amount then it reduces our performance. This stress is called terrible stress or DISTRESS.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress:
• Anxiety, feelings of indefinite fear
• Crying, getting angry
Memory disorders, Concerns & Hypertension
• Sleep difficulties, Performance dip
• Emotional outbursts, Alcohol or Drug abuse
• Dizziness, Unsteadiness
• Making heartbeat and breath faster

If stress is repeating and persisting for a long time then it can cause numerous problems (chronic) to physical, mental and emotional health. Here are a few tips that will help you to manage stress successfully and keep you healthy from the harmful property of stress.

Relaxation and Meditation: Relax yourself during meditation. It rests your mind by diverting it from view about the problems that have caused stress. Meditation helps to calm down & wait grounded.
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