Effects of Noise on Health

Effects of Noise

From silence came sound, not all of which be good and the noise that was not welcome was called noise and there got to be additional and more of it, because who wants to rake when you can blow? Noises are sounds that are not only unwanted but as well unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Air and water pollution are two main environmental problems, but so is noise pollution as our surroundings grow noisier. More people are complaining regarding the noise from automobile traffic, overhead airplanes and helicopters, leaf blowers, pneumatic drills, and neighbors who play their televisions and stereos much too loudly. Children are at high danger from noise pollution. Noise pollution from aircraft and road traffic has bad effects on children’s cognition and health. The effects comprise annoyance, stress linked psycho physiological effects, impaired cognitive function, and raised blood pressure and sleep disturbances.

Knowledge is lacking for revelation effect relationships for cognitive function and health, from road traffic noise, aircraft noise and combinations of these, and on the link among child health and total physical and social environments at school and home.Uninterrupted sleep is known to be a prerequisite for good physiologic and mental performance in healthy individuals. Very high levels of noise can wake people from their sleep with a jerk and keep them awake or upset their sleep pattern. This could make them irritable and exhausted the next day.
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