Skin Care in Monsoon

Skin Care in Monsoon

It’s the sigh of break after such hot and scorching summer. Monsoon has inwards and the shower of raindrops is bringing joy, happiness for everyone.Everything is bright, beautiful and breezy, but your skin is not supplementary to enjoy this monsoon. Raincoats are surely out, but what you are doing to defend your skin in this rainy season.

Monsoon is the time when our skin behaves little bit different thus it is extremely essential that we should take care of our skin during the rainy season in order to look fabulous. The high humidity cannot be allowing our skin to breathe and helps dust particles to stick to skin more.

Monsoon Regimes
  • Major issue through rainy season is the fungal infection. So not at all keep your skin and body wet for long time. Lukewarm water for bath, antifungal soap, cream and talc resolve be beneficial.
  • If your skin is getting dry and it makes you irritated feeling, then immediately moisturize it. Apply rose water, glycerin, honey, almond or moisturizer earlier than sleep.
  • If your skin is oily or blackheads and whiteheads are noticeable and growing additional like a weed. Then decrease the oil from skin by using water based moisturizers, cleansing it multiple times, drinking surplus of water and applying citrus fruit peel pack.
  • Clean the skin: Non soapy face wash to be used for profound cleansing. Clean the skin 3 – 4 times a day, which helps your pores to breath and acquire cleanse.

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