Body composition test cut off the serious diseases in humans

Excessive body fat is a main key to open the health problems such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and many pain syndromes. Determining how much fat as well as the areas of fat distribution like abdomen, hips, and thighs can increase the risk factors related to those diseases.

For health segment there are many height and weight charts available to provide an thorough assessment of body composition but even those who are of normal weight can still over-fat. Many of them who had lost weight through dieting have unfortunately cut off the weight by reducing water and muscle in their bodies rather leaving too much unhealthy fat tissue inside their body. People who are in normal weight also have the risks of that above diseases similar to those who are overweight.

There are many frequent factors to an unhealthy body composition.The main causes for this include lack of physical activity and exercise, poor diets which intake foods high in sugar and bad fats, excess alcohol, junk food intake due to our modernize world causes these risks very high in humans.

According to modern body composition analysis now a days there are many scientific instruments developed for measuring total body composition and it can can accurately gives the result about the percentage of body fats and where it's located.A complete body composition analysis done by this analysis according to our weight.

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