Track your diabetes by new developed apps

November is the world level National Diabetes Month, the condition of diabetes in U.S is the seventh leading cause of death a report revealed. For this disease 25.8 million Americans who were already affected and 7 million peoples don’t know they have it, according to the National Institutes of Health. Diabetes is a chronic condition that results from defects in insulin production, insulin action or both. There are two main types of diabetes Type 1 and Type 2.
Type 1:
It usually occurs before the age of 20 and is a result of the pancreas no longer making insulin. This type of diabetes requires taking insulin and possibly other medication.
Type 2:
This type of diabetes, often called adult onset diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes and can be controlled with proper diet, medication and exercise.

Diabetes Tracker App
Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiaryis an ios app that is used by 2.5 million people. It costs $9.99 but offers a lot of interactive features. You can track your glucose and carbohydrates by manually entering information or scanning a bar code on the food container.

Diabetes Tracker

If the food isn’t in the database, you can send the company photos and they’ll update the database. You can track your glucose levels throughout the day, and see daily and weekly reports. You can also track your medications, exercise, water intake and A1C, LDL, HDL, BP tracking.
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