Alzheimer’s Disease Now Unraveled With Science Articles

Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have identified new method for better understanding the links between specific proteins and the risks linked with Alzheimer’s Disease this was explain in an article co-authored by University of Alabama researchers which was also available in Science Express.

With the experiments making use of a sequence of model organisms which include yeasts, microscopic roundworms and rats, the researchers also show how basic mechanisms inside the cells are disrupted when a assured human protein, which is known as amyloid beta peptide, fails to correctly progress this certain study as well shows the function of a second protein, which the scientists as PICALM, and the role it plays in modify the problem.

“By using these yeast models, in grouping with worms, we really are hopeful of finding a way by which we preserve understand and possibly combat Alzheimer’s disease more rapidly,” according to Dr. Guy Caldwell, professor of biological sciences at The University of Alabama he is also one of three University of Alabama-authors on the Science article.

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