Severity of Heart Attack Can Be Affected By The Time of The Day

Heart Attack

Cardiovascular diseases are considered group of diseases in which it affect approximately a higher proportion of the population. This is because of numerous interlinked factors which are contributory to the development of these cardiovascular diseases. One of which is unhealthy lifestyle which includes poor eating habits that can lead to expenditure of high caloric food choices, and lack of physical and regular exercises which can build or initiate formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels which supplies blood to the dissimilar parts of the human body.

Also, another factor can be due to stress which puts the person into great deal of discomfort causing a lot of biological alterations which may include high blood pressure. Moreover, cardiovascular diseases can lead to the growth of heart attack. New research says that the severity of heart attack that a person can experience can be affected by the time of the day it occurs.

According to statistics, heart attack or coronary heart disease is careful one of the leading causes of deaths for both men and women in the United States. Heart attack is the failure of the heart to pump blood to the different parts of the human body since of the damages in the muscle of the heart itself. This damage is caused by the narrowing of vessels particularly the coronary arteries which are responsible for supply the muscle cells of the heart with nourishment and oxygen. When narrowing occurs, this result to manage of blood supply leading to decrease in oxygen supply which in turn damages the heart.
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