Health Care: An Apple a Day, Keep the Doctor Away

Flavonoids are the most important class of phytochemicals found commonly in fruits and vegetables. Apples are very significant source of this nutrients in peoples diet in the US and Europe. In the United States, twenty percentage of nutrients consumed from fruits are mainly from apples. In Finland, apples and onions are key source of  flavonoids. In the Netherlands apples rank third after tea and onions as peak sources of flavonoids.

Health is the stage of efficient and metabolic completeness of a human being. The protection and support of health is achieved through diverse blend of physical, mental and public security. Now a day’s apple became an important factor of our health.

Compared to a lot of other usually consumed fruits in the United States, apples had the second maximum level of antioxidant activity. Very few of the individual fruits and vegetables examined had a significant effect on lung cancer danger in women. However apples were one of the individual fruits associated with a decreased risk in lung cancer.

Health care providers, make efficient actions to avoid or treat health problems and promote good health in humans. The probable health benefits of apples are numerous. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, including apples, as part of a healthy diet may support in the prevention of chronic illness and maintenance of good health.
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