Sugar Sweetened Beverages Linked to Heart Disease

Sweetened Beverages

Women who drank 2 or more sugar sweetened beverages per day were at an bigger risk for heart disease, according to scientists at the University of Oklahoma.

These findings were irrespective of the weight gain pattern over the 5-year study, thus suggesting that it is not just obesity that is rising the risk of cardiovascular diseases women who drank 2 or more sugary beverages per day were 4-times more likely to expand high triglyceride levels than women who drank fewer sugar-sweetened beverages.

These women were also additional likely to develop abnormal levels of fasting glucose, a sign they could be developing type-2 diabetes women who drink sugar-sweetened beverages have to pay a senior price than men since women require fewer calories than men per day the findings were presented at the American Hart Asesociation's meeting in Orlando, Fla.
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