Beware! several diseases may pour in

several diseases

The intermittent rain since last month has resulted in enlarged incidences of common cold and fever. While children are simply susceptible to cold and fever even the adults are not spared. Hospitals and clinics are seeing additional cases of infections, and the incidences are higher in areas which are additional congested and lack in sanitation.

Doctors say that every year during monsoon additional cases of fevers and infections are reported. According to N. Rajeshwari, head of Paediatrics, Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai, more children are creature treated for infections of lower respiratory tract and upper airway, diarrhoea and typhoid.

“We contain seen a rise in the outpatients. Stagnation of water, sewage contamination of groundwater” and the modify in the weather are contributing factors, she adds.Children should be confined to indoors and it is better to keep away from sending them to schools or day care centres to prevent spread of the infection, says Dr. Rajeshwari. She also advises beside eating food from hotels.

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